Allan Scarth has been a sound professional in the Film and Television Industry for over twenty-five years.

Allan graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) with a BFA in 1981. During his time at NSCAD, he collaborated with New York artists Dara Birnbaum and Dan Graham helping with production of the soundtracks to some of their artist’s videos. He mixed a live performance of New York’s Sonic Youth on their first visit to Canada in 1982 while he supervised NSCAD’s summer semester visiting artists program. Allan then moved to Toronto and worked as a boom operator and production sound mixer on numerous independent film and television productions for the following nine years

In 1991, Allan was invited by Salter Street Films to join their company to help establish their post-production facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Always interested in expanding his knowledge and expertise, this was an opportunity Allan welcomed. During these years Allan worked extensively on This Hour has 22 Minutes, CODCO, the LEXX series, Buried on Sunday and Paint Cans, and was the first in the Atlantic region to mix in the 5.1 format in 1998. Allan continued with Salter Street Films through its purchase by Alliance and then by Robert Power in 2004 (at which time the company began to operate as Power Post).

In 2006, when Power Post relocated to 1660 Hollis Street in Halifax, Allan designed and supervised the acoustic and technical construction of the new mix theaters for the company, achieving Dolby Digital certification for Mix A and creating an ideal environment for mixing dramatic productions to the highest industry standard. Allan was trained and certified by Dolby to provide print mastering services – a first in the Atlantic provinces.

With the demise of PowerPost in late 2010, Allan is determined to foster ways to prevent the loss to the community of the level of excellent post-productions services he helped to establish. Always a professional and passionate about this work, Allan continues to be the local industry’s first choice for film and television sound editing and mixing.